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eScooter T2

A rare pearl, and affordable

  • Maximum weight: 120kg
  • Autonomy : + de 35km
  • Changeable battery

eScooter i12

Rebel and dynamic !

  • Maximum weight : 120kg
  • Autonomy : + de 25km
  • Lighting LED

eScooter i11

A usefull and modern design

  • Weight : 8,5kg
  • Autonomy : + de 20km
  • Easy to use for adolescents and adults

eScooter H102


electric scooter for adults and teenagers adolescent  

  • (Black/white)
  • Personality coupled with precision !

Rebel and Dynamic

Rediscover the pleasure of being free

Attitudes are changing as well as mobility in cities. City dwellers are increasingly turning to soft mobility and especially to electric scooters, which are ecological and, above all, faster for your city trips..

Our long  experience in the field of mobility has allowed us to understand the needs of everyone: from individuals, to leasing companies, to car manufacturers. Soft mobility, or alternative mobility, has become our everyday reality, and our wish is to provide you with a personalized solution.

At my-eScooter, we care about detail, quality and durability. Our electric scooters are designed to give you maximum pleasure for as long as possible.

Please contact us, or one of our official dealers, for any questions or advice.

Psssst… Did you know that all our products have free “ON SITE” assistance  … just in case…

Good eScooting and let’s embark on this journey together- where every step counts!

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