Electric scooter: is a helmet mandatory?

by | Aug 11, 2020 | News, Non classé | 0 comments

By day, the legislation does not require a protective port, such as helmets. At eScooter we strongly advise you to equip yourself with a helmet. Remember that you might be vulnerable in the event of a fall… and you only have one head…

Let’s take a look at the protections and safety rules:

  • It is also not mandatory to wear knee pads, elbow pads or other gloves. But in case of a fall, again, these accessories do come in handy;-)
  • If you are travelling at night or if there is insufficient visibility (visibility within 200m) you must turn on your lights in the front and rear. If your scooter does not have one, you must provide a white (front) and red (back) taillight that you can place on a garment or backpack, for example.

With My-eScooter, forget about these worries. Our scooters are all equipped with LED headlights front and rear!

For more information on safety, visit our tips and tricks page!