eScooter T2

A rare pearl, and affordable

When choosing an electric scooter model, driving comfort is a very important criterion to take full advantage of its scooter, but above all to make its ride enjoyable.

Our T2  brings together all the ingredients to make this comfort everything you expect of it. A  350W engine and  8.5-inch air chamber tires  provide unparalleled comfort driving  on roads, even degraded, or sidewalks.

The telescopically adjustable handlebars for that optimum driving position, powerful disc brakes and highly efficient suspension will give you access to the luxury of the electric scooter.

Luxury totally accessible.

What differentiates our T2 from the majority of other electric scooters? Its removable  battery!  So you don’t have to climb 3 floors with your scooter on your back :  leave it in the trunk of your car or parked on the sidewalk,,  and  recharge the removalble battery anywhere and quickly!

Aside from the convenience, it will increase the autonomy and comfort  of your daily commute!

Safety is not forgotten with LED headlights front and rear and a STOP lights at the back!  The icing on the cake is that the handles have LEDs that change colors when you brake. All these elements of visibility will make your journeys safer!

Ready for your trip?

Certifié pour utilisation en Europe : CE(MD,EMC,LVD)RoHS, FCC.