Ours Models

eScooter T2

A rare pearl, and affordable

  • Maximum weight: 120kg
  • Autonomy : + de 35km
  • Changeable battery

eScooter i12

Rebel and dynamic !

  • Maximum weight : 120kg
  • Autonomy : + de 25km
  • Lighting LED

eScooter i11

A usefull and modern design

  • Weight : 8,5kg
  • Autonomy : + de 20km
  • Easy to use for adolescents and adults

eScooter H102


electric scooter for adults and teenagers adolescent  

  • (Black/white)
  • Personality coupled with precision !

Rebel and Dynamic

  • Autonomy km: could vary depending upon the driving style and weight of the user, speed, temperature,
    ascent of the road etc,..
    The photographs and illustrations accompanying the products have no contractual value and cannot engage
    the responsibility of 4S Services SPRL / eScooter. 4S Services SPRL / eScooter is continuously innovating and improving
    the product to also meet changing regulations resulting in change or modifi cation of product features.
    4S Services SPRL / eScooter advises the Customer to refer to the product sheet and in particular its description
    to know the precise characteristics. The information appearing on these product descriptions come from different
    sources (manufacturer’s notes …), so, in case of doubt or to obtain additional information, the customer is
    invited to contact the customer services of 4S Services SPRL / eScooter.

• 2 year warranty for non-consumable parts.
• We recommend, at least once a month,
recharging your eScooter and verifying the pressure
of the tyres (for models with infl atable tyres).